Does groundbreaking design really exist?

How does Apple continue to succeed, year after year?

What makes us eagerly await their latest product time and again?

We believe it has to do with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle that is based on three simple questions: What? How? Why? This could also answer the following questions:

Why do some companies succeed but others don’t?

Why do some designs create a buzz when others don’t?

Why are some people more successful than others?

This is how it works at NOW Branding:

We know what we do: Branding.

We also know how we do it: After conducting comprehensive market analysis and competition research, we devise and implement a unique strategy for each client, utilizing our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of graphic design, visual language, programming, creativity and content.

Why do we do it? You may think that “To make a profit” is the correct answer, but a profit is a result, not a reason. The why must be the intention, the purpose.

So what’s the purpose of branding? What makes us go to work every morning, sit at our desks for hours and create a brand for our clients? And why should anyone else care about the brand? Once you know the answer to these questions, everything else just falls into place.

Let’s take another look at Apple. They don’t try to sell you computers. They try to sell you the value of their brand. This is a different and inspiring sales pitch.

It turns out that people don’t buy what you make. They buy the reason why you make it, or in other words, they buy the value of what you make. People are happy to buy Apple smartphones and other products because they feel connected to the company’s brand.

We often hear about startup companies that began in someone’s basement, being sold for millions of dollars. Even though they were practically penniless, these companies managed to attract employees, investors and even buyers. Because they managed to convey their reasons for getting up in the morning and doing what they do.

People who believe in what you believe in will become ambassadors of your brand. People who believe in Apple stand in line for hours, even at night, to purchase the latest iPhone – and they didn’t even know if it is any good. They just want to be first. Because they believe in Apple.

The idea is not to do business with everyone, but to do business with the people who believe in what you believe in.


The NOW Golden Circle:

What? Providing smart, creative, groundbreaking branding.
How? Living, breathing and dreaming branding.
Why? Because with NOW, customers receive so much more than just a brand.

Based on a TED lecture given by Simon Sinek, “How Great LeadersInspire Action”

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