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Hanita Lenses are experts in developing, manufacturing, and marketing intraocular lenses for cataract surgery, and have more than 40 years’ experience in the field. 

Over the years, Hanita Lenses has always conveyed the utmost professionalism in its ongoing quest for quality and innovation, and is renowned as such by its loyal clientele. Yet the brand’s look & feel did not always convey these values. After the company significantly grew and evolved, the Hanita marketing team contacted us at NOW Branding to help them develop a brand that reflects the Hanita values and new business vision.   

The initial trigger for this request was the launch of a technologically groundbreaking brand that the company was planning to market. We developed a comprehensive brand strategy that examined the existing status, the market perceptions, and the company’s updated business vision. The strategy included examining and defining the Hanita brands, while analyzing the company’s DNA in general, and the capabilities of the new product in particular. Based on insights and conclusions achieved through the strategic process, we successfully led a branding move for the new product, disrupting the intraocular lenses market. 

Following the success of the branding process for Hanita’s innovative new product, we reembarked on the company’s comprehensive branding process, picking up where we had left off 2 years ago (you know, Covid-19 …). By analyzing the competitors and conducting interviews with key position holders, long-time customers, and Hanita partners, we recognized the values that had been at the heart of the company for years, as well as the competitive advantages that support these values. 

With the information gathered we were able to identify the existing strategic assets that were necessary for realizing the company’s new vision and creating a unique and differentiated branding language. 

Lenses branding

A New Website - UX and Product Catalog

Keeping both distributor and customer in mind, it was clear that the new website must present the company’s entire spectrum of solutions, while also providing information, data, and support for its existing customers. 

The first challenge was translating Hanita’s internal language for external visitors, especially the company’s product tree. After becoming familiar with the complexity of the product range and categorization method from the company’s point-of-view, we examined the Hanita terminology in comparison to the industry terminology. In cases of deviations, we adapted the wording accordingly, together with Hanita professionals. 

Once we had the correct language, we organized the product tree from a marketing, sales, and professional point-of-view, to support the current products, and hopefully, the future Hanita Lenses. We analyzed the existing data derived from each lens page and mapped out what needed to appear on the product pages, and what should appear only on the downloadable brochures. This way, we were able to create a clean website that portrays Hanita as an expert and innovator in its field who delivers products that meet their customers’ needs. 

Using the insights from the company’s strategy, target audience, and new product tree, we were able to define, design, and develop the new website in a seamless and efficient manner, in cooperation with the Hanita marketing team.

Online platforms develop

Marketing Materials and Digital Assets

While working on the website, we also created a plan for renewing all Hanita marketing materials, in line with the company’s new branding language, including product packaging, brochures, social media, presentations, office interior designs, printed catalogs, and more. 

All marketing material in one place

These were presented to the public via a digital campaign that included creative and well-designed posts and short videos prior to the launch of the new branding in general and the new website in particular. 

Social Brand post

In today’s dynamic digital reality, changes are varied and frequent, therefore work plans are adjusted to meet these needs, and nothing is written in stone. 

Now Branding made great strides working with Hanita Lenses, but our work here is not done. We will continuously examine the market and its reactions to Hanita’s changes, and make alterations and adaptations based on the feedback and input received. This will help us create new content, adjust messages, develop work tools for the marketing team,  to help Hanita Lenses realize its new vision.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and elevate your marketing and branding

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