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Based on our research and years of experience, we’ll be able to find the best places to engage your customer base. We’ll focus on matching each target audience with the best possible outlet using specific messaging to drive the highest impact.

It all starts with a clear understanding of what, how and why you do. We will ask, investigate, learn and draw conclusions, to establish your company’s character, emotion, and style that you want to portray to your customers.

Your brand needs to tell a comprehensive story. That’s why we carefully plan and execute all stages of the customer journey: before, during and after customers come into contact with your brand. This will engage and connect with your market on a much deeper level.

Our Clients


Here’s what they say about us:

Afimilk Logo

“I highly recommend working with Studio NOW Branding if you’re looking for a professional company which has a deep understanding of your brand and the continuous need to develop it and present it to the world.. NOW’s team performance is outstanding, and so is its availability, management, sense of commitment for your projects and tasks, as well as its personalized attention to your company’s needs. Working with NOW is a real pleasure, they have become partners on our marketing journey at Afimilk. Highly recommended!”

Global Marketing Manager @Silvia Fainaro

Lumenis logo

“As a longtime partner, NOW Branding have proven themselves imperative in different Lumenis Marketing initiatives. taking on projects that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills – while frequently meeting very tight deadlines.
it has been inspiring to see how they have gracefully managed to expand their expertise from traditional marketing collateral to new media and the digital realm.
NOW Branding always create a memorable design that reflects the best of our organization as well as capture the imagination of every type of client. We know we are in good hands with NOW Branding leading projects end-to-end, from initial conceptual design to full implementation.”

Corp. Marketing Manager @David Kotler

Aarad logo

“Now Branding has been with us for more than two years. They are an integral part of all our design and branding processes at Arad. In the beginning, we did a general rebranding that was done by NOW in a creative and unusual way. It was not easy and a long process that was done superbly. The highlight was the website project (for the international market) carried out by NOW. Today, NOW continues to work with us and provide us with services in the areas of design and marketing. They deliver services above expectations, immediate availability, creativity, and an efficient work processes. It is worth noting that they are partners and not “service providers”. They always work and think about how to improve, offer original ideas, and promote innovation that will suit Arad.”

Director of Marcom @
Yuli Sarah Nathaniel

Afimilk Logo

To the amazing NOW team,
A huge thank you for your cross departmental collaboration and success of this project. You really invested your time to produce a beautiful digital HR magazine for the company. It was completed in a record amount of time, with lots of patience and uncompromising professionalism.
Gal, you were a great captain for the project!

Even during difficult and stressful situations, we always felt the project was in good hands and that we would reach our goals.

A really big thank you, we are so pleased with the end result.
We look forward to continuing our work together on many colorful projects.”

HR Recruitment @Nava Peled

MedTech Marketing at Scale

“While working with a design and branding agency you expect them to understand your needs and requirements and come with a creative solution that fulfills your dreams. As a marketing manager, I love to work with NOW branding. They are not just a vendor but a partner that knows perfectly how to integrate ideas and solutions and reach truly outstanding results.
I involve them in all my design and branding projects and recommend them colleagues.”

MedTech Marketing at Scale @Olga Rosenman

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Now Branding

In a fast-paced world, we work with companies to update their brands to respond to the changing market. 

Our name is NOW, and we know that your brand must tell a complete and comprehensive story, one that will help you fulfil the promise to your customers. 

Our team consists of marketing strategists, web developers, content writers, SEO, PPC and social media experts, and of course top designers. Our team is ready NOW to solve your company’s challenges.

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